The Only Time You Should Use Acid-based Cleaners

When to Use Acid-Based Cleaners


The Only Time You Should Use Acid-based Cleaners

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pH Levels in Cleaning Products

And today’s question is about acid-based cleaners. What is the best use for these products with a pH of 7 and below? Because acid implies a low pH. 7 is neutral and anything acidic is less than that.

Ideal Surfaces for Acid-Based Cleaners

Acid-based cleaners are great for bathrooms, and certain surfaces in bathrooms. They’re good for ceramic and porcelain surfaces, fiberglass, and vinyl. Always read your directions.

Surfaces to Avoid with Acid-Based Cleaners

Never use an acid-based cleaner on surfaces like acrylic, marble, travertine, or limestone. So, you want to be very careful because they can edge pit and permanently damage these surfaces.

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