How To Clean Rust Stain Safely and Effectively

How To Clean Rust Stain

How To Clean Rust Stain Safely and Effectively

 Hi, this is Sheila at Heavenly Touch Maids here in Akron, Ohio. We serve Akron and the greater Cleveland area. And today’s question is how do I get a rust stain off of porcelain? 

Wrong Way To Remove Rust Stain

Do I use chlorine bleach, let’s say? Well, if you want that rust stain to permanently set there forever, then yes, use chlorine bleach. 

The Right Way To Remove Rust Stain

But if you want to remove the rust stain, use a cleaner with oxalic acid. And what we use is Bar Keeper’s Friend. They have a powder and a paste. 

Application and Safety Precautions

You want to put the paste on there and let it sit on top of the rust stain. Make sure it has proper dwell time. Oxalic acid is very acidic. As a lot of bathroom cleaners are, it’s great at removing water stains and rust, as long as you have appropriate dwell time. Look at that pH, it could be as low as 1.5 to 2. So, be careful and always wear gloves. 

Thank you and have a Heavenly Touch Maid’s Day.

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