How To Effectively Clean Ceramic Tiles

How To Clean Ceramic Tiles

How To Clean Ceramic Tiles

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Understanding Ceramic Tiles

And today’s question is about ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is what you find in most showers in America here today. They’ve got a great waterproof about them, but there are some ceramic tiles coming out of China with a polyurethane finish.

Cleaning Ceramic Tiles: Do’s and Don’ts

These can actually be damaged by high pH cleaners such as degreasers. And degreasers can be popular in cleaning showers. So, we have to be careful there. High pH cleaning products can also harm if there’s a non slip coating applied to the ceramic tile. So ceramic tile, it’s like, wow, we can use almost anything on it. No, we gotta be careful with ceramic tile too.

Recommended Cleaning Product: Aquamix

We use Aquamix at Heavenly Touch Maids on tile and grout. It has a pH of around 7 neutral, and you can hardly ever go wrong with a neutral pH.

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