The Truth About Bleaches

The Truth About Bleaches

Hi everyone. This is Sheila with Heavenly Touch Maids here in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. We’re in the Akron area, and today I’m going to do a short video on bleaches. Did you know that there are two types of bleaches? Though not technically cleaners, bleaches change the chemical composition of the soil, making it seem to disappear by rendering it colorless or causing it to fade. It’s not the same thing as cleaning ’cause it doesn’t actually remove the soil or the unwanted matter.

Reducing Bleach

There are two types of bleaches. Number one, there’s what we call a reducing bleach.  They alter stains by removing oxygen from the molecule. These bleaches are used or can be used in textile cleaning to remove hard-to-clean inorganic stains such as red food dye from carpets. They’re not commonly used in household cleaning due to the fact that they are not self-neutralizing and can cause color loss on surfaces. Their main use is for rust stains. Most acids are reducing bleaches.  If you heard of something called Bar Keepers Friend, that is a reducing bleach. And if you notice on their packaging, they say you can remove rust with it.

Oxidizing Bleach

The other type of bleach is oxidizing bleach. It usually means chlorine bleach. These work by adding oxygen or chlorine to a stain. Remember the other bleach, the reducing bleach, alters stains by removing oxygen; that’s the Bar Keepers Friend. An oxidizing bleach, think like Comet, right? It adds oxygen. So rusting is an example of an oxidizing reaction. Hence, oxidizing bleaches, such as Comet, are not very effective against rust. And did you know a rust stain can be permanently set by a chlorine-based cleaner, so you got to be careful with what you’re using?

All Bleaches Are Not The Same

All bleaches are not the same. That is for sure. Oxygen-based bleaches are considered weaker and safer than chlorine bleach. So you always got to be careful. Read the instructions, use protective equipment if you need it, but thoroughly understand what you’re doing before you use any chemistry on any surface in your home.

Professional Cleaning Service

We don’t normally carry bleach in our caddies. As far as chlorine bleach, we usually pull it out in cases of bad mold. But you know what, we’d love to come out, and clean your home. Give us a call here at 330-696-3286. We hope you enjoyed this video.

The Truth About Bleaches

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