How To Clean Lampshades

How To Clean Lampshades

Hi, everybody. I’m Sheila Ingram, the general manager at Heavenly Touch Maids in lovely Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. We’re in the Akron Canton area. We’re gonna do a quick little video on lampshades. When was the last time you’ve seen a video on how to clean lampshades? Well, here it is.

Lampshades Are A Challenge

Lampshades are a challenge. Why? Because they can be made of any number of materials including fabrics, plastics, metal, and even paper. Unlike bedding, lampshades seldom have instruction labels. It is very important that you dust and clean your lampshades frequently because they constantly collect dust and cobwebs, as you well know.

How To Clean Lampshades

Use a wool, microfiber, or feather duster on both the outside and inside of the lampshade. An all-purpose favorite for dusting delicate or intricate lampshades is a soft paintbrush that does not shed. A clean vacuum brush may also be used. Whatever tool you choose though, it should be used carefully and gently.

Professional Cleaning Service

And you know what? We would love to come out and dust your lampshade. So call us here at Heavenly Touch Maids: 330-696-3286. Thank you so much for watching this video.

How To Clean Lampshades

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