Caring for Stone Floors

Caring for Stone Floors

Hi everybody. This is Sheila Ingram, the general manager at Heavenly Touch Maids in Cuyahoga Falls in the Akron area, Ohio. Today we’re gonna do a short video on general stone care. Let’s talk about stone floors, whether it be marble or granite. You dust, mop, or vacuum the stone floor frequently. Grit’s the biggest enemy of hard surfaces such as stone floors. And test results show that vacuuming- versus a dry mop, a dust mop- is twice as effective in removing dust and dirt, and grit than just dry mopping alone.

What Cleaner to Use?

When it comes time to wash a stone surface, it’s best to use a neutral pH of seven non-chelating. Remember: chelating agents cause minerals to clump together, so probably not the best idea to use a chelating agent on any sort of stone. They can also pull microfiber particles from the stone, causing a slight etching and a grainy feel. If you run your hand over a granite countertop and it feels a little gritty, chances are it was cleaned with a cleaning agent.

A cleaner specifically formulated for stones are always a safe bet, and it’s especially true for calcium-based stones such as marble, travertine, onyx, et cetera. Use a soft microfiber cloth for cleaning. Absolutely no abrasives.

A Note for Marble Showers

And a note for marble showers: the best offense against soap scum and mold in a marble shower is to keep those soils away from the shower surfaces altogether. But of course, if it’s a marble shower, you can’t do that. So using a squeegee on the shower after every use will go a long way toward keeping the shower in good condition. Some manufacturers make deep-cleaning products for marble and stone. These can help if the shower gets ahead of the cleaner, but they should only be used occasionally and then well-rinsed.

Preventative Care for Stone

Preventative care for stone: lay down entry mats or rugs to prevent the damaging grit and watery soil before they even reach your stone floor or other hard surfaces. Daily care: vacuum or dust mop to remove the same grit and soil contaminants before they can further damage your floor. Mop up spills, including water, quickly. Stone surfaces need to be thoroughly and completely dried.

Routine maintenance: you can damp mop the stone floor with a neutral non-chelating cleaner. We have a cleaner, it’s a neutral pH of seven made specifically for microfiber. We use microfiber mop heads; it is safe on all stone, including the softest like marble. In your periodic maintenance, deep clean using a stone-specific or deep-cleaning product. Of course, always follow the manufacturer’s direction and instructions on your hard surface floors.

If you have any questions, we’d love to come out and clean your stone counters and floors. Call us at 330-696-3286. Hope you have a great day.

For more information, visit us at https://heavenlytouchmaids.com or call 330-696-3286 for professional cleaning services in Akron, OH, and surrounding areas.

Caring for Stone Floors

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