Q. Do I need an office?

A. Yes, you will need to manage both residential and commercial accounts. With the high volume of business, the number of employees, parking situations and the amount of equipment and supplies all support the need for a business office. In addition, zoning requirements in many areas prohibit operation of a business from your home (your neighbors may too).

Q. Will I need to clean?

A. No. You are needed to develop the business of cleaning, serving as the owner / manager, not as one of the cleaners.

Q. How will I find and keep employees?

A. Heavenly Touch Maids is in the “employee business”. This is the core of our business model and everything revolves around this. We start employees from day one paying top dollar, we treat them right and offer benefits unique in the cleaning industry. Through decades of experience we have developed and defined a system of benefits and incentives that help attract and retain good employees. We also have the benefit of offering no work during normal business hours with no weekends, evenings or holidays.

Q. How much money will I make?

A. Franchise laws prohibit us from making earnings claims so we can not provide these, but we can show you some averages and allow you to realize your earnings potential. We encourage you to do the research on this incredible opportunity. (click here for details)

Q. How long is the Franchise Agreement?

A. Only five years while most other’s in our industry are ten years (or more).

Q. How much will it cost to renew?

A. Absolutely nothing, it is FREE. Renewals are in everyone’s best interests. You can continue to build your business, profiting from the business with weekly paychecks, monthly profits and ultimately having the reward from the sale of your business. We profit from the growth and strength in our franchise system.

Q. Can I sell my franchise at any time?

A. Yes, you can. This is the American dream not unlike the recent sale of the Cleveland Cavaliers professional basketball team. In 1983, Gordon Gund purchased the business for $20 million only to resell it in 2004 for $375 million. Mr. Gund worked hard over the years to build his team and investment and he was rewarded for his efforts. You can sell your business anytime you wish, for whatever you wish to sell it for.

Q. If and when I sell my franchise, how much of the proceeds will I get?

A. You will receive 100% of the proceeds, as you are 100% owner of the franchise.

Q. How much money can I expect to make with the sale of my franchise?

A. Franchise laws prohibit us from making earnings claims so we can not provide these, but we can tell you that similar franchised businesses are selling for four to five times your annual cash flow. Some recent similar businesses have sold for $200,000 and $300,000. We encourage you to do some research on this incredible opportunity in your particular location for the resale of similar businesses.

Q. Why a Heavenly Touch Maids franchise over other franchises?

A. Many reasons, with a few of the biggest being:


Q. How long does it take to open a Heavenly Touch Maids business?

A. Once the location for the franchise is established and you have obtained an office, you can be in business, making money and building your business generally within 2 to 4 weeks.

Q. What do I do next?

A. Complete a franchise application and either mail, email or fax back to us. We will process your application immediately. Exclusive territories will be awarded on a first serve basis.

Be sure to also complete and return to us your 1/2 OFF certificate of you wish to secure an additional territory.