Brecksville, OH Son of Aging Parent Reviews Senior Helper Services


Brecksville, OH Son of Aging Parents Submitted a Review via Letter

I’m writing to express my most deep felt gratitude for the services you have provided in caring for my aging parents, who are currently in assisted living.

My need was great. My father, age 92, required hospitalization after a fall. My mother, who depends on him to keep her oriented, was at a total loss. I called you and you began providing services the same day. Not only that, but no matter what the schedule was. no matter how the plans changed, you continued to provide the highest level of service, utilizing a team of compassionate, competent and extremely patient caregivers to watch over my Mother while my Father was sick.

I particularly appreciate your personal involvement in the care giving. Dealing with the elderly can present challenges. Not only did you provide excellent caregivers, but you closely supervised them, staying abreast of the problems, communicating them to me and helping solve them yourself, even when it required extra time and effort on your own part.

In closing, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such excellent care to my parents. You have made my job as the adult child of aging parents much easier by your compassionate care and understanding. Feel free to use me as a reference. I will recommend you with the highest level of enthusiasm.

Dr. Nelson Mostow

– Senior Care Services Customer in Brecksville, OH

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